Teenage Engineering OP-Z is approaching. And it looks amazing

Teenage Engineering is the Scandinavian company that invented the OP-1, one of the hippest devices for electronic musicians of the decade. Extensively used by some of the most prominent contemporary musicians such as Bon Iver, Alt-J and others, the powerful, ultra-portable synth/sampler/production tool is already a classic and is still very sought after, with prices on the second hand market gravitating around the 800€ mark. The OP-1 made production fun with clearly color coded knobs, advanced graphics and very intuitive features.

Now, six years after the OP-1, Teenage Engineering is almost ready to release the heir of the OP-1, called the OP-Z. They call it “The Dream Machine”.

Smaller in size but much more powerful in DSP power than its predecessor, the first striking difference between the Z and the 1 is the lack of the display of the former. Especially striking because much of the coolness of the OP-1 relied on its colourful graphics. But with no display comes extended battery life.

The OP-Z will have 16 tracks (increasing from the 4 of the OP-1) and a new way of “composing by components”.

OP-Z composing by components
OP-Z composing by components

Even more importantly, the OP-Z will add video synthesis and motion graphics capabilities on top of the sound engine.

Bring your Own Screen

OP-Z bring your own screen

The OP-Z, as mentioned, lacks a native display. But the folks at Teenage Engineering have enabled the OP-Z to pair with a screen everybody has in their pocket: your phone.

By pairing the two devices you will be able to use the phone screen as a display for your synth AND as a source of pictures and graphic elements for the synth engine.

For example, you can take a set of pictures from your iPhone or from Dropbox and sync them to a beat on the OP-Z!

OP-Z Photomatic

The OP-Z looks like THE music gadget to watch for. 
Expect it by the end of the year.
Can’t wait to try it!!

Have a look at the NAMM 2017 video previewing the OP-Z

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