NUX Cerberus gets Firmware Update, Software Editor for Windows and Mac

The NUX Cerberus is a compact, lightweight and very powerful All-in-One Multi Effects unit for guitar. Its main features are:

  • Marshall Bluesbreaker – inspired Analog Overdrive (100% analogue signal)
  • Marshall Plexi – inspired Distorsion
  • Modulations: Chorus, Flanger, Univibe, Tremolo (all vintage stomp box inspired)
  • Delay: 2290-style, analog style, tape style
  • Reverb: Plate, Spring, Hall
  • Tap tempo
  • Full MIDI Implementation
  • Cabinet Simulator
  • IR Loader
  • Preset or Stompbox mode

NUX Cerberus Front

It was built for usage with a real guitar amplifier, but thanks to the very good simulated output and the ability to load 3rd party Impulse Response files (IRs) it has immediately caught attention of “digital” guitar players for being a very good “compact” alternative/backup to the likes of Helix, Headrush, AX8 and Kemper.

I purchased one unit for 299€ just out of curiosity, and I must say that the thing sounds really good, the drive section is especially very well done, and the whole thing – though being very vintage inspired – is great and all effects are rich and lush, especially delays and reverbs.

All the unit is slightly dark sounding, but this can be adjusted by cranking the “tone” knobs of the overdrives – but the little Nux black box gets to a whole new level when you use external IR files.

This is why the firmware update is especially important – the very first release of the product didn’t allow for the loading of IRs and the Cerberus community was eagerly waiting the release.

Well, the wait is over: the Updates consists of a Firmware + Editor combo, both of which are needed for everything to work properly. The unit gets updated to v 3.5 beta.

This is the (ugly!) Editor software:

nux cerberus editor

As you can see, you can load multiple IR files up to 512 samples, 44.1khz stereo resolution (pretty good!) and then select which one you prefer. The selection is global and you can’t control the IR per single preset.

The new Firmware also comes with a fully editable MIDI map for the unit.

The Editor lets you import and export the presets, and here are something I made so you can check them out if you have a Nux Cerberus

Click here to Download Presets

Last but not least, here is a free IR file of a 4×12 cabinet that I especially adjusted for the Cerberus!

Download the FREE IR Cabinet File!

In case you can’t find it, here’s the link to the Firmware download page for Win and Mac.


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