NDLR Real Time Hardware Arpeggiator

Conductive Labs’ NDLR is an indiegogo-backed Hardware Arpeggiator that is looking to put some fun back to MIDI arpeggiating devices.

The NDLR is designed to work with external synths, either virtual or hardware. It has a clear “key” knob so it’s easy for users to actually make music instead of …well, just sounds.

Connectyour hardware and virtual synths with MIDI cables or USB MIDI, select what plays on each MIDI channel, then just press the play buttons to start playing. Use the seven chord buttons on The NDLR to play chords, the arp notes change key with the chords you play.

Twist the knobs to vary the chord and each of the 2 arpeggiators. Change the chord type, the key, pick from numerous modes and scales (Major, Minor, Lydian, etc.). The NDLR keeps everything in-key and in-time! You can “play” The NDLR, or let it play while you twist knobs on your synths.

You can play up to eight synths at once.

  • A bass line to one synth.
  • An arpeggiated sequence to your favorite lead synth.
  • Play chords to a poly synth, with real time tweakable range and position to up to four synthesizers by using our amazing “interleaved poly-chaining”.
  • A drone note plays a continuous note based on the chord, targeting those exotic evolving synth patches.
  • A transposed MIDI pass-through. Transposes notes from your favorite external sequencer or keyboard controller from the key of “C” into your selected key.


The product will ship for $299 which given the capabilities seems like a fair price.

Back the project on indiegogo now!


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