MIDI Control for the Electro Harmonix 9 series Pedals

Personally, i am absolutely in love with Electro Harmonix 9 series Pedals.

You know, the Mel9, Synth9, C9… those guys.
These are probably the coolest, hippest, most innovative thing happened in guitar FX since the Kemper Profiler and Fractal Axe FX. They pack a lot of retro vibe together with ultra fast tracking, great unguitar sounds (synths, pianos, mellotrons, organs), easiness and sheer fun.

See the demo below:

9-series pedals don’t require any special pickups with your guitar… and they even work neatly with acoustic guitar piezo systems.

BUT … they lack MIDI! And MIDI would be useful to control parameters and change sound/patches on the fly using an external controller.

Fortunately, the folks over at Microdesignum, a small but highly regarded custom MIDI pedalboard manufacturer in Czech Republic, have posted a clever idea on Indiegogo.

MIDI Control for 9 Series Pedals!

Microdesignum is already experienced in hacking EHX pedals, but it looks like those 9 guys are a little different and require a new hardware/software design in order to get MIDI input and output, so the Czech fellas have decided to ask for community backing and are looking for something close to $3000 to actually start developing the project.

MIDI chip for EHX pedals

Which are the advantages of integrating MIDI?

“The x9 pedals with MIDI control can be mounted in rack and they can be controlled remotely by a MIDI foot controller or by a computer. The program number (instrument type) and its parameters can be changed by single pressing a footswitch on a MIDI controler. No manual turning the knobs during live playing is necessary.

Moreover, the parameters such as MOD or CLICK can be controlled in real-time by an expression pedal or by control data from a computer.”

Perks include early bird discounts and affordable professional installation of the MIDI modules.

Here’s an example of a EHX POG2 with integrated MIDI control by Microdesignum.

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