Jouè – A Modular Controller for your Software Instruments

Joué is an expressive and modular MIDI controller that feels like a real instrument.”

How many times a MIDI controller promised to feel like “a real instrument”?
This time, Jouè is applying a LEGO-meets-MIDI approach to deliver the promise, and judging only by the videos, the results look incredible.

The approach here is to have a basic “board” on top of which you can attach several modules that fit your needs.
You can find a basic kit available on the website with some included modules, and you can customise your own by buying additional ones on the go.


Just like LEGO, you can attach-detach the modules on the go, so it’s pretty easy to build the version of the controller that really fits the need of your set, or song.

All the buttons, slides and pads are soft so that they feel “real” at the touch and less like “buttons”.

The controller is compatible with all MIDI applications and even iOS music software.

Here it is a showcase of the product with Ableton Live:


Jouè is available now and you can find the prices for modules and boards on their online store


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