Help Zylia reach their funding goal on Indiegogo

Zylia is a “microphone for multi-track music recording and separation of instrument tracks”. For music geeks, it’s like the impossible becoming possible.

A single microphone device able to record a whole band simultaneously , with multi track output and correct instrument separation? It’s impossible… but it’s exactly what Zylia promises.

How does Zylia do that? Supposedly, by combining a strange, ball like aluminum special microphone device with really advanced proprietary software DSP techniques.

Will the combination of this advanced hardware + software deliver the promise? Will it hog your microprocessor power? Will it consume RAM? Will it remain compatibile with major DAW software?

They are funding their innovative (possibly breakthrough) device on indiegogo and they have reached 99% of the funding goals so… help the dream come true! Go fund the project!

Early bird perks start as low as $349 – for both Zylia Microphone and Zylia Studio (the software companion).

Shipping is set for Q1 2018 .. and I can’t wait for this thing to reach stores and distribution!

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