Electro Harmonix SUPEREGO+ Synth Engine with Effects

The brand new EHX Superego+ looks like one of the must-have guitar pedals of 2017 for much tech fans. Based on the acclaimed 1st gen Superego, this new larger box boasts more of the same alchemy that makes the Superego so magic: it basically freezes and expands the sound of your guitar creating amazing sonic landscapes you can jam on.

Here’s the demo!

Moreover, you can use the pedal a little bit like a sustain pedal in a piano so you can control which note/chord is sustained and the sustain is infinite.

In this new version, EHX adds even more control on the soundscape pattern created by the pedal, and even adds onboard effects to modify the generated sound with modulations, ambients and much more.

This way, the creative expressiveness and actual usefulness of the pedal is greatly expanded, making the sounds less repetitive and adding a lot of value to the pedal itself, which is something amazing but at risk of being a “use  once, then forget” box.

Street price around €260 in Europe, around $250 in the US.

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