Divided by 13 FTR37 – My Demo Recording

Sometimes dreams come true.

I always dreamed of owning, one day, a Divided By 13 amplifier. Fred’s Taccone amps are super highly regarded, expensive, and pertain to the highest league of “boutique” amplifiers. They’re hand-wired and hand made one by one in southern California.

The FTR37 is their flagship amp, and it’s a 37 (there’s a half power switch to 18) Watt beast with an awkward controls layout:divided_by_13_ftr_37_head.jpg

The Clean channel has reverb, bass, treble and volume.

The “Click” (gain) channel has a rotary “tone” control, which basically adds bass, and a volume (gain) control.

No master volume, no FX loop. This is as minimal (read: purist) as it gets.

Despite being “only” 37 watts, and loaded with 6V6 vales, the amp is a loud beast. So loud it’s impossible to use it in home/project studio environments (or even small clubs) without an attenuator. This is a specific design choice by the manufacturer, not to be intended as a shortcoming.

To record it, i “tamed” the FTR37 using a Rivera RockCrusher attenuator, in loadbox mode, and then mixed two of Celestion’s own IRs (one of Alnico Blue and one of a Creamback speakers) to somehow match the sound of the original cab, which is loaded with aforementioned speakers.

The sound .. well, I think it’s something on its own. The amp boasts a huge, huge low end but is more than capable of chime. Tones are “Fender”-inspired on the clean side, and “British” inspired on the dirt side, Divided By 13 says, but in my opinion the amp has its own voice.

I really like the way it responds to the guitar dynamics and touch – you can easily switch from aggressive to mellow just by rolling off the volume and playing lighter.
The dirt tones are gnarly and keep all the detail and note definition, they are chimey and not compressed, while the “click” control allows to blend substantial amounts of low end when you need it.

So here’s my recording. All the tones have not been EQ’d and I’ve played everything with a single guitar, a simplistic 2009 Gibson Les Paul Junior.




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