Deserted Soundscapes Generator for Creepy Halloween Sounds

This is my “treat” AND trick for Halloween.

In the night where all fears and phantoms are celebrated, you need a proper soundtrack.
You could choose among the thousands and thousands of Halloween playlists on Spotify or other streaming services, but, in pure Clever Gear fashion, it’s WAY cooler to create your own.

How can you do that in a simple way?

This is where the Deserted Soundscape Generator from NoiseMachines comes handy

Deserted Noise Machine

It’s a “Frequency-Shaped Eerie Soundscape Generator” … and as such requires no musical skills and no software download. It’s an entirely HTML5+Javascript powered instruments and as such, it runs in your browser.

Deserted belongs to the family of “generative” instruments, and you can both experiment within settings to create your own sounds and rely on pre-made presets, which can be activated with a click of the mouse or tap of your finger.

Even cooler, you can calibrate your soundscape to a certain frequency (meaning you can set a growling rumble or a piercing high frequency scream) … and save your own settings on a file or a cookie browser for recalling your pre-made sounds at your convenience!

Happy Halloween!!

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