Deal alert! Collings OM2-H (Updated)

At almost €2k, this Orchestra Model Collings OM-2H might not seem such of a bargain.

However, it’s a guitar that lists well above €4k when new, and, most of all, it’s a damn great guitar. In my opinion, the Orchestra Model (OM) is THE best acoustic guitar shape, the most versatile, the one that offers the best balance across the tonal and frequency spectrum while retaining comfort and playability.

UPDATE: the guitar is actually an OM-2H and NOT an OM-2HT, which is more “traditional” and mellow sounding. Still a bargain.

Collings offers one of the best interpretation of this classic American acoustic guitar model bar none, with amazing craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and amazing tone. This particular model also sports some modern features like compound radius.

Here’s a video about this very guitar at Eddie’s guitar:

I wish I had the money to buy it right now. Highly recommended.

This guitar is located in Rome, Italy.

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