Apple iOS 11 supports FLAC – lossless audio codec. Kind of.

Let’s face this, Apple. Sometimes you guys are moronic – you don’t support “de facto” standards only to try to impose yours.

It happened multiple times over the years. – sometimes you won the battle, sometimes you didn’t.

This time, you look like you surrendered to evidence – FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Compression) is the standard for CD (and higher) quality music, which is compressed to be decoded on the fly and come out as a “bit perfect” copy of original uncompressed files.

Users have been asking Apple to support the FLAC format directly for year now, but Apple tried for years to force everyone to use their own ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Compression) to store their music and retain compatibility with iTunes.

And I did it too – my whole “audiophile” music library is converted in that stupid, non standard format, just because if you wanted to listen to music and using iTunes to organise your files, that was the only choice.
Long live to the guys at XLD for making the best ever audio format converter out there – for free.

Even more awkwardly, Apple iOS 11 will play FLAC files… but only through the Files app! 
So.. FLAC is supported, but not yet through iTunes! How stupid is that?

apple files app

In order to play FLAC files on your phone or tablet, you have to put your FLACs on your iCloud drive and wait for iCloud to sync over your devices – then you need to open Files (which of course does not support all the rich meta tags, cover info and more that iTunes supports) and play music from there.

Inconvenient? Sure. Deliberate? Probably. Stupid? Sure.

Apple is shipping poorer and poorer software these days -It is a trend that customers are noticing, and we as Apple users need to make our voice heard.

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